TRADE Stephon Gilmore To Panthers for 2023 6th Round Pick

the stefan gilmore saga continues as the former patriots cornerback has now been traded to the carolina panthers i’m evan lazar reporting for clns media from gillette stadium where the patriots and the panthers have announced a trade for stefan gilmore shipping gilmore the patriots are to his hometown carolina panthers for a sixth round pick in 2023. and before you lose your minds about the compensation for a former all-pro and defensive player of the year being so light the patriots had no leverage in this situation as soon as they announced this morning that they had agreed to part ways with gilmore the rest of the league knew that he wasn’t going to play another down for the patriots so the panthers are just getting out in front of the bidding war for gilmore services and free agency by giving the patriots some compensation on the front end in order to get gilmore in the building and not have to compete for his services in free agency if you want to second guess the patriots they missed the boat with maximizing the gilmore asset by not trading him over the last year and the checkpoints that you have in the nfl saga or the nfl season i should say 2020 draft cycle there was a second round pick on the table for staphon gilmore the patriots passed on him to keep him on the roster right before the 2020 season the patriots agreed to incentivize gilmore to get on the field by giving him a 5 million dollar raise in 2020 despite the fact that teams were offering them draft compensation for gilmore services before the 2020 season began then at the 2020 trade deadline the patriots had more offers for stefan gilmore and didn’t pull the trigger then either so those three checkpoints are when the patriots could have maximized this asset instead they hang on to gilmore specifically last year when the patriots were not a playoff team and went 7-9 with cam newton they hang on to gilmore out of hopes that they’re going to be a playoff contender at a hopes that they’re going to compete with their defense it didn’t work out that way and now you get just a six-round pick in 2023 back for one of your star players and one of your best players on your roster so the second guessing is not right here and now but the patriots only getting a sixth round pick back from carolina once they had agreed to part ways with gilmore this morning the really the second guessing began before the 2020 season the 2020 off season when they didn’t trade gilmore at the draft and they didn’t trade gilmore before the season started in the beginning of training camp that was when his value was at its highest.