Shooting investigated at Arlington, Texas, high school

everyone i’m kyra phillips we are coming on the air with breaking news a school shooting at a high school in arlington texas police have responded to timber view high school you’re looking at live pictures right now after reports that multiple people were shot there this morning the school does remain on lockdown with heavy police presence in that area first responders on the scene students and staff we are told have been locked inside their classrooms and offices no visitors allowed to enter the premises at this time police say that an unknown suspect came to that school shot multiple victims and then immediately fled the scene the exact number of victims and their conditions unknown at this time police say that the scene there at the high school is secure at this time and that there is no current threat to the public or the school i can tell you the swat team entered from the front doors of that school they are methodically searching the high school hallways and classrooms students now will be bussed to a reunification point at a performing arts center not far from that high school once again if you are just now tuning in we are following what was an active shooter situation in timber view high school there in arlington texas the school still on lockdown as police officers have entered that massive complex a little less than 2 000 students we are told attend this school about a hundred teachers you can see the school buses lined up there on the outside of the perimeter outside that high school along those buses you see various police cars police motorcycles that’s part of the escort of those school buses those are the buses that are going to actually take those students not far from that school to a performing arts center where they can connect with their parents a lot of very nervous parents as you can imagine we were there’s the address actually for the center for performing arts at 1110 west debbie it says officers will be at that scene students will eventually be bused to that location after the school is completely secure.